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We don't believe in page cookbooks, complicated recipes, and unrealistic, manicured photos. We know you're busy. We know you want better ingredients. We've got you covered. Breadbox is the excuse you needed to throw that dinner party you've been wanting to host, the personal touch to a family get-together, the side dish at your friend's cocktail party, and that middle-of-the-week escape from reality.

Bread baking isn't just a hobby for us, it is a catalyst for human connection and a way to share a piece of yourself with those around you. Limpa has wonderful rye flavor with a hint of molasses and a zesty seed blend.

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It has a pleasant aroma and a fine crumb. This one works great with cheese and has just a hint of citrus to make things interesting. Limpa is a great sandwich bread that is difficult to find. Pan Bigio Pan Bigio is a rustic Italian country bread. I made it with stone ground whole wheat flour and a few little added tweaks to replicate vintage flour.

It's a bread that uses biga as a preferment, and it is leavened and proofed at a slow flavor building rate.

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Good stuff! Kolaches I am spending a little time refining some recipes. I have some items I know will go over well at the Farmer's Markets too, one of them is Kolaches.

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I remember enjoying these treats when I was a child, especially when my family lived in Wisconsin, but I have lived in some places where folks were unfamiliar with this tasty pastry. My Kolache versions today were filled with chunky apple filling and apricot preserves and topped with lemon oil and nutmeg infused cream cheese and a sprinkle of streusel.

Palmiers I'm already thinking of special treats to bring to this seasons farmer's markets, and I'm running through some recipes. Palmiers are one of the special treats that will occasionally grace the table.

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  4. Also known as Coeur de France, these crispy and buttery cookies are a real treat that is not often seen in our neck of the woods. Kouign Amann I was paging through one of my pastry books and discovered Kouign Amann, a pastry that has its origins in Brittany, France, and has been popular since the s. Its appellation translates to "butter" "cake" which is a pretty accurate description.

    This yummy concoction uses a laminated dough to hold a generous amount of sugar that combines with the butter during baking and caramelizes. The finished pastry ends up tasting like a sweet croissant with a nice crunchiness to the crust.

    FIVE signs your Bread Dough is Fully Kneaded, Before and After - Bread Tip 87 - Bake with Jack

    C'est magnifique. It was a relaxing day of baking something non-holiday related.

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    I have added a second photo of the striated innards, I don't know if that is a term or not, it is now. Focaccia Focaccia alla Genovese - offered plain or with fresh Italian herbs. It makes a wonderful sandwich when split in half or served just like pizza. The plain version can be dressed with your favorite toppings then warmed in the oven for a special treat. There is always the option of keeping it traditional and simple by just dipping the bread in a good olive oil.

    Knead to Know Knead to Know
    Knead to Know Knead to Know
    Knead to Know Knead to Know
    Knead to Know Knead to Know
    Knead to Know Knead to Know
    Knead to Know Knead to Know
    Knead to Know Knead to Know
    Knead to Know Knead to Know
    Knead to Know Knead to Know

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