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And now for the negative things:

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Compilation: The New Real Book Vol 2 (C Treble Clef)

Compare Similar Items Current product. I remember this because the Chicago Cubs were in a tooth and nail battle with the Pittsburgh Pirates at the historic Wrigley Field in the last series of that infamous season. It was surreal. It was also surreal to think that I was traveling to buy the famed The Real Book. It was created by Berklee College of Music students in the s. These students began distributing copies of this book and were literally selling it out of the trunks of cars and under the table.

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My edition was an illegal Fifth Edition. And I did just that. I had experienced a famed practice in Jazz Lore, and on the long train ride back home, began studying it immediately. A lot has been said about the Real Book , some good and some bad.

The New Real Book Vol 2 (C Treble Clef)

My opinion about the Real Book has changed since that day. This one is pretty self-explanatory. The way to learn Jazz is by listening, but also by playing it. These are the types of tunes you will usually be expected to read on sight. The Fifth Edition and its previous versions were loaded with incorrect melody notes and chords. Use it to stop your door from slamming on a windy day when you have your practice room window open. You can stick it under a table or chair with uneven legs. You can use it as a fan on a hot day.

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  7. You can even use it to save the Earth by throwing it in the recycling bin. The possibilities are immense.


    This is how Jazz began, and part of the aural tradition of Jazz. They say that someone who is blind possesses enhanced versions of their other senses. This makes sense. Without a sheet, you can focus strictly on listening. I know some musicians who have memorized a lot of tunes from the sheets. I find that by learning a tune by ear off a recording, I can remember the tune even after not playing it for a long time. And I can practice learning tunes without having the Guitar in my hands. In truth, I sometimes take out the iReal Book App on my phone.

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    The New Real Book The New Real Book
    The New Real Book The New Real Book
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    The New Real Book The New Real Book
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    The New Real Book The New Real Book
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    The New Real Book The New Real Book

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