The Secret Providence of God

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Article Obeying God or Man? Sproul Sinclair Ferguson W. Sproul R.

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Sproul Books That Influenced R. Summary In John Calvin held a prominent position of leadership in the Reform movement. Testimonials Has this product helped you? Share a Testimony leave this field blank to prove your humanity. You might also like: What about Free Will? Institutes of the Christian Religion.

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The Providence of God - John MacDuff (Christian devotional)

It had been foretold that Jesus, while He was on earth as a man, would never have a bone broken—not at delivery, not as a little boy roughhousing, not in the cruel abuse of His trial and crucifixion. But looking further, providence is, secondly, concerned with man, since man is the noblest work of God. Man is not independent from God. Man is not the captain of his fate. Man does not hold the steering wheel in his own hands.

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Daniel said to Belshazzar the king Dan. God holds every man and woman in His hand.

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None escape. But in marvelous judgment God brings low the proud. He brings to naught the counsels of the foolish.

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He makes a laughingstock of the wisdom of this world. And He establishes His rule by grace in Jesus Christ. Our lives are controlled by the providence of God. Thou compassest my path and…art acquainted with all my ways…. Thou hast beset me behind and before, and laid thine hand upon me.

The Secret Providence of God by Keith Goad and John Calvin (2010, Paperback)

O words with heavenly comfort fraught! God controls our lives economically—whether we have riches or poverty. God controls the gift of talents, ability. God sends trials and sorrows. But now we go yet a step further. But now we come to the loftier view of providence. For though God dazzles us with the stupendous majesty of His hand as He controls all things, and though God declares that He is the God of all flesh, holding the life of each man and woman in His hand, yet the great majesty and the glory of providence is seen in that all things are directed with a view to the good of His church in Christ Jesus.

For the church, providence works.

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  4. God keeps special watch over, God holds in the palm of His hand, says the Bible, His people and His church. To be a child of God, to be a member of the church of Jesus Christ, means that the living God who holds and governs all creatures and all men and all things is my Father, directing all things for my good and salvation. Believing these things, we confess as children of God that there is one great enemy that we resist. It is either that God determines all things or things come by chance. Either God governs or there is luck and there is fortune and blind chance.

    In countries where God is not known, people talk of chance. They talk of superstition, voodoo, and they walk apart from Christ. And in our country and society, people have come to worship chance: Lotto, scratch cards, gambling, Las Vegas, and the slot machine. It is a society that hates God. But what about us, as professing Christians? Do you believe in God the Father almighty, the God of providence? Lady Luck is shining on me.

    Do you gamble, or do you believe in God?

    The Secret Providence of God The Secret Providence of God
    The Secret Providence of God The Secret Providence of God
    The Secret Providence of God The Secret Providence of God
    The Secret Providence of God The Secret Providence of God
    The Secret Providence of God The Secret Providence of God

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